FRAME: Shall be welded tubular, formed combination construction, not less than 2800#, with 1.5 cubic yard hopper capacity. Overall width 123", height 42", length 65". Truck clearance on front of hopper 26" high. Hand adjustable flow gate or for large materials the end plate may be removed for unrestricked flow.

CONVEYOR: Two hydraulic motors, driving two 6" diameter, lagged pulleys, ten 4" idler pulleys. All idler pulleys are equipped with greaseless bearings and have C- Section , V-Groove in center.

BELT: Heat and oil resistant. 18" wide, 2-ply, 220# per square inch tensile strengh, 3/16" top cover, 1/16" bottom cover, with C-Section, V-Belt molded in the center. Resists heat to 350 degrees, Fahrenheit.

MOTORS: Two 14 cubic inch displacement hydraulic motors.

TRUCK PUSH: Four - 2 7/8" diameter, 24 inch long rollers with sealed bearings attached to a pivoting beam to allow for truck misalignment. Push beam adjusts 8" (in/out).

WHEELS: Four heavy-duty swivel casters with dual 8" Diameter, 3" wide cast iron wheels with polyurethane molded to them.

HOOK-UP: Versatile mounting design allows it to be mounted to various graders, loaders or tractors with minimal mounting time.